YPT-Chicago Lunch and Learn with Michael Cassel, Boeing’s Senior Director for Global Engagement

October 1st, 2018

On Monday October 1st, more than 25 YPT-Chicago members and friends participated in an exclusive conversation with Michael Cassel, Boeing Global Engagement Senior Director. At this event we learn more about Boeing´s history, its corporate organization, and its Global Engagement program.


Lunch&Learn with Boeing_100118

This lunch and learn event was hosted at Boeing´s Corporate Offices.

YPT-Chicago thanks Mike Cassel and his team for their time and hospitality.

We also thank Meagan LeMelle, from The Boeing Company Internal & CEO Communications team, for her time and work making this event possible.

YPT Elections Happy Hour

August 30, 2018

On a beautiful late Summer evening, YPT-Chicago hosted a happy hour at Early Society to provide information about the upcoming YPT Board elections and the ways to get involve with YPT International and YPT-Chicago Boards.

Elections Edition Happy Hour-01

A Conversation with Andrew Sargis, Chicago Water Taxi´s Chief Operations Officer, and Chicago Water Taxi Pub Crawl

August 11, 2018

During a sunny summer day, YPT-Chicago hosted a Chicago River-oriented day of activities. The day started with an exclusive presentation about the growing importance of urban waterways passenger transportation in Chicago and the U.S. led by Andrew Sargis, Chicago Water Taxi’s COO.

In addition the presentation, the Chicago Water Taxi generously donated a free water taxi day pass to each participant for the second part of the event, a Water Taxi pub crawl. For the Chicago Water Taxi pub crawl we worked our way from Michigan Ave south to Chinatown along the Chicago River, with stops at:

  •  Ace Bounce (Clark/Lasalle)
  • Sakura Karaoke Bar (Chinatown)


YPT-Chicago CTA Red Line South Public Art Tour

July 14, 2018

YPT-Chicago hosted a tour of the CTA Red Line South Public Art. We visited and learned about public art works located at six CTA Red Line stations: Cermak-Chinatown, Sox/35th, 47th, Garfield, 63rd, and 79th. Elizabeth Kelley, from the CTA Art Program & Collection, led the tour and shared with us us some stories behind the arts.

Since 2011 the CTA’s collection of public art has undergone its largest expansion ever – now proudly boasting more than 60 pieces of art exhibited at over 50 stations, including mosaics, sculptures and paintings by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. The addition of artwork at CTA stations and terminals not only promotes a friendly, inviting atmosphere, it also provides riders with a glimpse into the rich history and unique characteristics of the surrounding communities.

Thank you very much Elizabeth Kelley!

YPT-Chicago and MHSRA-YPB

Meeting with Richard Harnish, Executive Director, Midwest High Speed Rail Association

June 26, 2018

YPT-Chicago hosted a professional development event featuring Richard Harnish, Executive Director of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association.

Attendees learned about existing high speed rail services and projects in the US, Europe, and Asia, as well as about the ongoing initiatives to develop high speed rail passenger service in Illinois and the Midwest. Richard Harnish also presented on the new CrossRail Chicago campaign that proposes to create a north-south link that serves frequent commuter trains, airport express trains, and fast intercity trains from around the Midwest. Learn more about that project at: https://www.midwesthsr.org/crossrail-chicago

Thanks DePaul University School of Public Service for providing a venue for this event.

YPT-Chicago and YPT International are sponsors at Transport Chicago 2018

Friday June 1, 2018

Thousands of academics and professionals have attended Transport Chicago since 1986.   Transport Chicago 2018 will take place on Friday June 1, at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza. YPT-Chicago is proud to partner with YPT International to sponsor Transport Chicago for the fourth year running.



YPT-Chicago First Transportation Camp

May 5, 2018

YPT-Chicago organized the first Transportation Camp ever in Chicago!

Transportation Camp is a daylong “unconference”. Transportation Camp forgoed the traditional conference format in favor of a participant-driven discussion among industry professionals, students, and anyone interested in transportation issues and innovations. Attendees took the lead in determining session topics and driving the conversations!





Chicago Pedway System Scavenger Hunt & Happy Hour

April 26, 2018

YPT-Chicago and APBP Chicagoland invite members, friends, and the public to participate in the Chicago Pedway System Scavenger Hunt!

The Pedway was born in 1951, when the City of Chicago built one-block tunnels connecting the Red Line and Blue Line subways at Washington Street and Jackson Boulevard. Since then, both public and private investment have expanded the Pedway, and the system now connects more than 50 buildings over a 5-mile labyrinth-like array of underground tunnels and bridges. Join us in exploring an iconic part of Chicago’s downtown transportation infrastructure!

This was a great opportunity for teamwork, networking, and learning more about some of Chicago’s hidden underground gems. Participants came in teams, or by themselves. Everybody was assigned to a team the day of the event.




YPT-Chicago Lunch and Learn with HERE Technologies

Thursday April 5, 2018

HERE Technologies is the leading provider of location data, analytics and platform services. Numerous departments of transportation throughout the world rely on HERE for insights on road network optimization and to help lay the digital infrastructure for new forms of connected and automated mobility.

Monali Shah (Director of Intelligent Transportation) and Jordan Stark (Head of Corporate Communications for North America) led Here’s presentation and conversation with YPT-Chicago members.






YPT-Chicago 2018 SUMC Summit Happy Hour

Wednesday March 14, 2018

YPT-Chicago was a Promotional Partner of the 2018 Shared-Use Mobility Center Summit The 2018 SUMC Summit gathered professionals in transportation to discuss the latest developments in carsharing, autonomous EVs, bikesharing, and microtransit.

More than 20 YPT-ers and new friends attended YPT-Chicago’s Happy Hour at Lizzie McNeill’s, including: current and former YPT members from Los Angeles, Portland, and Boston; and new YPT friends from Saint Louis, MO; Flagstaff, AZ, and Toronto (Canada).





YPT-Chicago Annual Transportation Trivia Night

February 13, 2018





YPT-Chicago Tour of the Newberry Library

Tuesday January 16, 2018

YPT-Chicago hosted an exclusive tour of the Newberry Library, the most prestigious Chicago’s independent library. The Newberry Library possesses one of the most important collections of maps, pictures, and documents about the history of transportation and land use in Chicago, the Midwest, and North America.

The tour was lead by two Newberry Library staff members: Kristin Emery, Manager of Governance and Assistant to the President, and Jim Akerman, Curator of Maps. In the first part of the tour, YPTers learned about the Newberry Library’s history, its signature building, and its current programs. Later, YPTers studied many types of maps representing cities and transportation lines, including: bikeways in New York City, railroads in Ohio, driving roads in Philadelphia, and roads and transit in Chicago. YPTers also accessed a 15th Century book with maps of great cities of that time and learned about the printing process to create such type of books. Last but not least, YPTers accessed an original copy of Burnham’s 1909 Plan of Chicago.





Thanks to the Newberry Library for opening your doors to YPT-Chicago.



Regular tours of the Newberry Library are free and open to the public Thursdays at 3 pm and Saturdays at 10:30 am.

Learn more about the Newberry Library Digital Collections HERE


YPT-Chicago End of the Year Happy Hour

December 20, 2017

YPT-Chicago held an “End of the Year” Happy Hour at Tradition Gastro Pub and Bar in the Loop. The laid-back setting allowed YPTers to catch- up with one another and reminisce on the past year. Holiday festivities were in full swing and this was an excellent event to see some fellow YPTers, as well as welcome new faces, before we headed into 2018.




YPT-Chicago 5th Anniversary Blue Line “Brew Line” Pub Crawl

November 18, 2017

YPT-Chicago celebrated the chapter’s 5th anniversary with a re-edition of its original “Brew Line Pub Crawl” along the CTA Blue Line. More than 15 YPTers joined the crawl, shared stories of our chapter’s five-year history, and have a good time with old and new friends!

During this event, YPT-Chicago recognized Kelsey Watterworth for her many years of service as a YPT-Chicago board member and as the chapter’s 2017 Chair. We wish her to “enjoy the ride” in her future endeavors!




YPT-Chicago NACTO Conference 2017 Happy Hour

October 31, 2017

YPT-Chicago hosted a happy hour during the NACTO Designing Cities Conference 2017. The NACTO conference gathered 800 North American and International professionals in transportation for one of the most important conferences in the industry.

40+ professional coming from different transportation sectors and geographic regions attended YPT-Chicago happy hour.  In addition to sharing food, drinks, and good conversations, the event included presentations by YPT-Chicago and APBP Chicagoland, two rounds of raffles of YPT-Chicago’s brand new mugs and tote bags, and many networking opportunities.





This event was co-sponsor by YPT-International and organized in partnership with APBP Chicagoland chapter.

YPTCHI   NACTO17_logo   Co-sponsor: YPT logo for Eventbrite Partner:APBP-Chicago-logo_FINAL


3rd Annual Student Speed Networking Event

October 19, 2017

YPT-Chicago, in partnership with WTS, ITE, COMTO, and APBP, hosted the 3rd Annual Student Speed Networking event connecting students interested in transportation with professionals in the field.

Over 20 students and 25 professionals gathered in the CTA Headquarters in downtown Chicago to discuss all things transportation. After introducing the individuals in the room and partner organizations involved, students and professionals sat down to start the speed networking. A fast-paced event, our annual speed networking event gives students the opportunity to learn about the transportation industry without the pressure of formal recruitment events.




We had students come in from Northwestern, Illinois Tech, UIC, UChicago, and Valparaiso. Thanks to all the students and professionals who were able to make it!

Keep an eye out for our 4th Annual in 2018!




CDA O’Hare Airport Facilities Tour

September 29, 2017

YPT-Chicago headed to O’Hare Airport for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the airport facilities! Representatives from the Chicago Department of Aviation led the group on a bus tour of the airside facilities, including the new cargo facility, the fire and rescue training facility, and the Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE). As the bus followed passenger planes along active taxiways and winded around the airport service road, YPTers learned about recent construction and saw the next generation of runways and taxiways under construction.






McCormick Bridgehouse and Chicago River Museum

August 26, 2017

YPT Chicago spent a Saturday afternoon visiting the seasonally open McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum. A member of Friends of the Chicago River guided us on a 2 hour walking tour, where we learned the history of the Chicago River and the bridges found on the tour. In the McCormick Bridgehouse we explored the gear room and its five-story tower. We then crossed the DuSable Bridge and walked west along the river plazas, finishing our tour at the Vietnam Memorial Plaza.




CMAP ONTO2050 Alternative Futures Workshop

August 8, 2017

YPT-Chicago engaged in Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) ONTO2050 participatory planning by hosting a CMAP Alternative Futures workshop. During the event, CMAP staff presented different scenarios issued from current trends in regional change and young professionals in transportation provided feedback by voting in surveys followed by broader conversations about specific issues involved in each scenario.



YPT-Chicago thanks to CMAP staff, especially to CMAP’s Outreach Division, for making this event possible. To learn more about each of CMAP Alternative Futures, see:

What if climate change impacts intensify by 2050?
What if more people choose walkable communities by 2050?
What if innovative transportation changes how we get around by 2050?
What if a transformed economy can enhance prosperity by 2050?
What if constrained resources challenge our communities and region by 2050?

Transport Chicago

June 9, 2017

For the third year in a row, YPT Chicago and YPT International were proud to sponsor the Transport Chicago conference, held on June 9th in downtown Chicago. The conference was attended by nearly 300 people from around the region and the Midwest and featured two great keynote speakers and 12 breakout sessions.

YPT Chicago board member Steve Brown served as the conference president, and YPT Chicago board members Alvaro Villagran, Shane Misztal, and Trina Grieshaber were in attendance as well, joined by dozens of other YPT Chicago members and friends.  In keeping with our tradition at Transport Chicago, we raffled off a free YPT annual membership – congrats to new YPTer Katanya Henry of CMAP!




CTA Bus #8 Halsted Pub Crawl

June 2017

YPT-Chicago celebrated the arrival of Chicago’s sunny and warm weather with a pub crawl riding the CTA Bus #8 along Halsted Street.

We gathered at Simone’s (at 18th Street) for a first round of drinks and lunch. We took the #8 bus towards Randolph St. to stop at the Green Street Local and the Haymarket Pub. From there, jumped back into the #8 bus to reach North Avenue and enjoy the sun at Weeds Tavern’s patio playing Cornhole, Jenga, and having a last round of drinks.





Thanks to YPT-Chicago members and friends who joined us at any of the stops along the pub crawl. It was great to see new and returning faces!

CREATE 75th Street CIP Site Tour

May 2017

On a cold rainy May Friday afternoonYPT-Chicago toured Chicago’s CREATE 75th Street Corridor Improvement Project as a sequel to our panel of experts event from 2016. First, participants visited the Chicago Transportation Coordination Office (CTCO) on Canal Street in the South Loop. At the CTCO participants learned about the history of the CTCO, why the CTCO plays a key role in facilitating planning and communication between rail operators for the successful coordination of rail traffic in Chicago, and glimpse the train tracking monitors for several rail lines in the Northeastern Illinois region. Then, we stopped briefly at the 71st Street Highway rail crossing to visualize the existent conditions of the site. Finally, we put on hard hats and safety vests to visit the Forest Hill Junction, where four freight and two passenger rail tracks cross at 75th Street.



Thanks to YPT-Chicago members, students, and friends who joined us for the tour.
Our special thanks to the experts from CDOT, Union Pacific, and other CREATE 75th Street CIP partners who led the tour and explained the complexities of the project.
Find the documents provided during the tour here:
– CREATE 75th Street CIP status_map
– CREATE 75th Street CIP 75th St Advocacy Paper
– CREATE 75th Street CIP Design of Existent and Future Conditions: 75th CIP

Evening with Congressman Quigley

April 2017

Transportation and policy aficionados of all ages gathered at Bar Louie to hear IL Congressman Mike Quigley speak to his experience in the transportation and appropriations sphere, with an emphasis on operating in the current political climate.

For those who missed it, it should come as no surprise that Rep. Quigley has found engaged discussion and compromise to be major components of successful transportation planning and programming.  In order to  move forward with transportation projects, the importance of finding common ground–rather than refusing to engage with those on the other side of the political fence–was a major message of Quigley’s chat. He also took questions after the event.

Thanks to everyone who joined, and especially to our guest, Mike Quigley, for such an open and informative evening!



Lunch & Learn Webinar on Swedish Transit

March 2017

Thanks to everyone who spent their lunch break with us to learn about Swedish transit. We had over twenty join us in person to share sandwiches and participate in the live webinar with Lasse Lofquist from Samtrafiken in Stockholm. Several more people dialed in remotely. The 30-minute talk was followed by a great Q&A session conducted via chatbox.

If any of the participants didn’t get a chance to have their questions answered, please send them to yptchi@gmail.com and we’ll forward them along. Thanks again to Lasse for a great presentation!



Transportation Trivia

February 2017

It was an evening full of twists and turns as YPTers and friends gathered once again to test their knowledge against that of their fellow transport aficionados at Bar Louie on February 28. The questions were lauded by all and the answers contested by some – sparking some lively debate between teams!  Thanks for coming out!



Happy Hour at City Social

January 2017

Thanks to everyone who joined us after work on Thursday for our 2017 inaugural happy hour! We had a good crowd of 25+ in our reserved area at City Social in the Loop. In particular, we were glad to see so many new faces – friends and coworkers of current YPT members.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events this spring, and enjoy the photos below!



Green Line Pub Crawl

November 2016

The Fall 2016 pub crawl saw YPT Chicago members and friends cross another ‘L’ Line off their lists!

This time we ventured along the Green line, beginning in the South Loop at one of Chicago’s newest breweries, Baderbrau, and newest L stations, Cermak-McCormick Station. From there, we made our way through the Loop and then west, stopping at Wabash Tap (Roosevelt), The Bar Below (Adams/Wabash), and St. Lou’s Assembly (Clinton) before tapping out.



The day was cold but spirits were warm! In addition to local members, we had the chance to catch up with old members traveling through town.

Till next time!

2nd Annual Student Speed Networking Event

October 2016

YPT Chicago again partnered with our friends at COMTO, ITE, and WTS to bring you an evening of Speed Networking. On Thursday, October 27th, we brought together transportation professionals and Chicagoland college students for an evening of conversation. The event took place at RTA headquarters in the Chicago Loop.


Informational interviews are a great way to get insight into career opportunities within a given field, and we do them speed-networking style! Students have the opportunity for brief one-on-one or small group discussions with transportation professionals from a variety of backgrounds including engineering, planning, finance, and transit. Students meet with transportation professionals from Chicago Transit Authority, Regional Transportation Authority, HNTB, Chicago Department of Transportation, Amtrak, Alta Planning + Design, HDR, Jacobs, and more.

This was the second Annual Speed Networking Event that YPT Chicago has organized. We look forward to continuing to help students gain an entree into the world of transportation employment next year.

IL Safe Roads Amendment Debate

October 2016

The Illinois Safe Roads Amendment was a hotly debated ballot item in the 2016 elections.

YPT Chicago was honored to host State Rep. Elaine Nekritz (D-57) and Ben Brockschmidt of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce for a discussion on the then-proposed amendment.

In a convivial atmosphere at Bar Louie at Dearborn Station, members and guests were able to learn about some of the key points for and against the amendment, get their questions answered, and discuss their thoughts with fellow transportation professionals. Occasional shouts and cheers from Cubs fans watching the game next door only added to the energy.

img_4971YPT-Chicago Lockbox Debate_Nov 2016

There was also a before and after audience poll , the results of which show the persuasiveness of both speakers.


YPT Chicago + Shared-Use Mobility Center Summit Happy Hour

October 2016

This year YPT Chicago was a promotional partner for the Shared-Use Mobility Center Summit.

After the day’s events, we gathered at Public House to discuss the latest trends in carsharing, bikesharing, ridesourcing, microtransit & more with SUMC Summit attendees.



Aside from meeting up with YPT Chicago members and friends, we’re grateful that we were able to get to know so many transportation professionals who had traveled from outside the Chicago area to attend the SUMC Summit.

Looking forward to making this an annual event!

CDOT Bike Tour

September 2016

YPT members got a tour of Chicago’s nationally recognized biking infrastructure with Mike Amsden of CDOT. This was a behind-the-bollard tour of downtown bike facilities, old and new. YPT members met at 10:30am for a 90-minute tour, followed by lunch, drinks, and a round of Cards Against Urbanity.



CMAP ON TO 2050 Workshop

August 2016

This planning workshop was in partnership with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP). CMAP has begun development of the next comprehensive regional plan for the seven counties of northeastern Illinois. The ON TO 2050 plan will address a range of issues, from climate resilience to shared services, transit modernization and highways operations, all of which affect quality of life and economic health of the region’s residents.

At this early stage in development of ON TO 2050, no final decisions have been made about what it will or will not include. YPT Chicago would like to ensure that the big ideas and insights of young professionals on regional challenges and opportunities in transportation are incorporated in the development of this next regional plan, which is why we organized this event.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the HNDB offices in the Loop to give their ideas and feedback, and thanks to Kelwin Harris and Katanya Henry for leading the workshop!



Chicago Air & Water Show

August 2016

Chicago Union Station Tour

July 2016

YPT Chicago held another great behind-the-scenes tour of Chicago Union Station on July 14! Amtrak Senior Manager of Facilities Paul Sanders led us through the station to see some of the latest renovations and ongoing projects:

  • BRAND NEW First Class Metropolitan Lounge
  • BRAND NEW ‘Legacy Club’
  • Ongoing restoration of the former Ladies Lounge waiting area
  • More spaces on the concourse side

As usual, this was another special opportunity to witness the typical Amtrak & Metra evening passenger train rush from the inside. There is never a dull moment in CUS!

After the tour, YPT members gathered for a round of drinks and appetizers at Dylan’s Tavern. The event was free for members only.


Transport Chicago

June 2016


YPT Happy Hour at the ITE Midwestern and Great Lake Joint District Meeting

June 2016

CREATE 75th Street CIP Panel of Experts

May 2016

This panel event saw local transportation experts Jeffrey Sriver (CDOT), Tom Murtha (CMAP), Dave Chandler (CNT), and Benjamin Brockschmidt (IL COC) come together to discuss this multi-jurisdictional project to relieve train and roadway congestion. Part of the CREATE program, the project is led by IDOT, FHWA, CDOT, and AAR. The merits and challenges of the project were debated in earnest and sparked conversation among attendees, and we thank our panelists for providing their insight.



The event was held at MakeOffices and Goose Island Brewery provided beverages for guests to enjoy.


The 606 Pub Crawl

May 2016



606606 pub crawl

Trivia Night

April 2016

Thanks for coming out to good old Bar Louie!



Greenroads Webinar

April 2016

The webinar looked at the Greenroads rating system and some recent case studies where the rating system has been applied and contributed to the success of the project.

Chicago Cultural Center’s STRANDBEEST + Ice Skating in Maggie Daley Park

March 2016


Happy Hour

January 2016

2016-01-28 21.59.37

YPT team participation in the Landmarks Illinois Annual Skyline Council Trivia

January 2016

CTA Red Line Pub Crawl

November 2015

12:30pm – Peckish Pig, Howard Stop

2:30pm – Fat Cat, Lawrence Stop

4pm – Sheffield’s, Belmont Stop

5:30pm – Sully’s, North/Clybourn Stop

7pm – Jake Melnick’s, Chicago Stop



1st Annual Student Networking Event

October 2015

YPT Speed Networking



United Control Center at O’Hare Airport Tour

September 2015

YPT United Tour

Evening with Joseph Szabo

July 2015

YPT-Chicago invited members and friends to join us in welcoming CMAP Executive Director Joseph C. Szabo for an evening of conversation and drinks. Joe shared some of his experiences in transportation, his transition earlier this year from the Federal Railroad Administration to CMAP, key issues facing CMAP and the region, and was available to answer our questions.

The event took place at the convivial Bar Louie on July 22, 2015.

YPT Chicago

Metra Electric Pub Crawl

May 2015


YPT-International Board Meeting in Chicago

April 2015



Divvy Operations Tour

April 2015



O’Hare Airport Transit System Tour

October 2014



Chicago Union Station Tour

October 2014


Evening with CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld

July 2014



Divvy Operations Tour

May 2014



CTA Pink Line Pub Crawl

April 2014



Trivia Night

April 2014



Load Delivery Logistics Open House

February 2014



Chicago Union Station Tour

November 2013


CTA Brown Line Pub Crawl

November 2013


CTA Kedzie Avenue Bus Garage Tour

September 2013


YPT Chicago, Illinois ITE, APA Illinois, ILASLA, and WTS Bike Tour

September 2013

2013-09-05_YPT Chicago, Illinois ITE, APA Illinois, ILASLA, and WTS_BikeTour

Happy Hour

April 2013

Final Flyer April 16th

Chicago Union Station Tour

February 2013



Happy Hour

December 2012



CTA Blue Line Happy Hour

September 2012



Evening with CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein

July 2012



Happy Hour

May 2012


YPT-Chicago Kick-Off Event!

Evening with John Norquist, former Milwaukee Mayor

March 2012