img_4971YPT Chicago was honored to host State Rep. Elaine Nekritz (D-57) and Ben Brockschmidt of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce for the evening debate at Bar Louie. YPT Chicago Treasurer Steve Brown moderated the discussion, starting us off by getting into the details of why Rep. Nekritz was one of only four people in the IL House to vote against the measure and what details were considered while Ben helped write the amendment language.


YPT-Chicago_Lockbox Debate_ Nov 2016_1Sin título.pngOn Election Day, Illinois voters overwhelmingly supported the Amendment. Nearly 80% of voters marked ‘Yes’ on their ballots. What exactly this means for our transportation industry is yet to known. In simple terms, it should mean more money for transportation projects. We are bound to hear more about it in coming months, including the final language that will be passed into law.

Thank you to all who joined for our informative discussion on the IL Safe Roads Amendment last month!

YPT-Chicago Lockbox Debate_Nov 2016.png

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